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Low-fire Clays

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All of ABF clay bodies are manufactured at the Clay Business. We pug and de-air our clays to offer our customers the highest quality clay that is ready upon opening. Each box contains 50 lbs. of prepared clay which, for easier handling, is split into two cubes.

Pugged clay is prepared onsight by our clay manufacturing crew. All of our clays are thoroughly mixed and de-aired for optimal working consitency. Although our clays are ready out of the box, we still recommend wedging it by hand to align clay particles. This will help prevent later cracking during the drying and firing of your work.

We are currently working to have our clays available online for purchase. In the meantime, this page includes information about our clays and their prices. You may place an order by calling 1-800-443-6434 or 1-406-442-2521. Thank you for your patience.  


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