Bray Patch

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  • Ceramic patching material
  • Fills cracks and bonds breaks
  • Fires white
  • Applicable to green or bisque ware

Bray Patch is a ceramic patching material which is best used for filling cracks and bonding breaks. Although its bonding strength has limits, Bray Patch can be used for attaching appendages. If possible, use gravity to your advantage for increased bonding strength.

We recommend using Bray Patch straight from the bottle. If needed, it can be thinned with water. Since it fires white, we recommend covering with an opaque glaze or a slip if using a transparent glaze. You can also mix your clay body with Bray Patch to make the white color less noticeable.

Bray Patch can be applied to either green or bisque ware and fired to any temperature up to cone 10. It is air sensitive and, once hardened, it cannot be reconstituted. For optimal life, do not leave the lid off longer than needed, clean the lid and bottle lip thoroughly for a good seal, and store the bottle upside down. Freezing will also set Bray Patch, after which it cannot be reconstituted.

For post-firing remedies consider Bray-Poxy White or Bray-Poxy Natural.

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  • 5
    So glad I discovered this product

    Posted by Katie on 24th May 2020

    I have tried every single 'bisque fix' type product on the market and this is by far the best one. I used it to reattach a large piece that had fallen off a vessel and it worked out gorgeously. I immediately bought more to share with all my ceramic friends!

  • 5
    This has saved my work over and over again.

    Posted by Tess Yevka on 24th Nov 2019

    Sometimes I work with very small decorative components that are easily broken of crack off while drying. Bray Patch has come to the rescue.

  • 4
    good product! I would recomend for patching cracks or breaks on greenware or bisque.

    Posted by Cathy on 16th Mar 2018

    I have used this borrowed from a friend. It does it's bonding or patching well but is difficult to sand so use sparingly. IT will dry up if exposed to air so store upside down as directed. I just received my own bottle and feel secure having it to treat any potential cracks or breaks on my clay bodies.